Sailing Included in 2018 Gay Games Bids

3 out of the 5 cities bidding to host the Gay Games in 2018 have included sailing. They are London, Limerick and Paris. The other bidders are Amsterdam and Orlando.

The bid books from all of the bidders can be found at

The bidders have all indicated that the sailing regatta will take place at nearby fresh-water lakes or reservoirs with sailing facilities. However, while the websites for the regatta venues indicates that they can run the event – none of them would seem to have enough identical boats.

They all have a number of 2-person dinghies for rental (catamarans for the Paris venue) but they don’t have enough identical boats to be able to accommodate the number of competitors expected, nor do they have enough spinnaker boats for the Competitive division.

Also, the Red Book for sailing suggests that 3-4 person keelboats are preferred to dinghies as these allow a wider range of participants to take part.

GLORY has asked them to clarify the type and number of boats they expect to provide.

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