Gay Games VIII Regatta 2010 Sailing

Maas Lakes near Roermond, NL

The Boats
Valk boats, without spinnakers, will be used in racing, each being crewed by a team of three.

  • The Valk has been used for EuroGay Cup and is an ISAF registered class
  • The PolyValk is a polyurethane derivative of the original wooden boat used for the rental market but doesn't have a spinnaker.
  • Open cockpit design with Gaf rig and mast hinged at the foredeck (to get under low bridges on canals of course!)
  • Hard chine
  • Virtually flat bottom
  • Roller-reef jib
  • Slab-reef main


Overall : L6.65 x W2 M
Draft: 0.85 M
Weight : 600 kg
Weight of Keel: 150 kg
High of mast: 6.50 M
High including gaff: 8 M
Mainsail: 12 m2
Foresail: 5.50 m2


  • Gaff rig (may need to create loop in halyard rope for 2:1 ratio to increase gaff tension)
  • No tell-tales (take your own & stick them on)
  • May not have toe-straps (use jibsheet & shroud for hiking)
  • Can be roll-tacked (but you can’t go outside shrouds except when hiking)
  • Take shackle key for rigging repair
  • Adjust jib block position for wind strength
  • Get your weight forward especially in light winds

Deck Layout

  • Completely open with no thwarts
  • toe straps may be fitted


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